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Weed Startup Hosts Movie Screening for High People

“Whatever we can do sober or with a beer, we should be able to do with cannabis.”

Nitasha Tiku / Buzzfeed

The cannabis-infused hazelnut spread started to kick in a few minutes before the movie started.

It was Wednesday night and I was at a movie screening hosted by a medical marijuana delivery startup named Flow Kana. Forty or so guests paid $ 45 to sample some weed and then watch a movie high. The screening room was located on the first floor of the Hobart Building, an office tower in San Francisco's Financial District, and the sweet, fruity smell of sativa wafted almost all the way out to the lobby.

CEO Michael Steinmetz told Buzzfeed News this was the first in a series of “culture shifting cannabis events” to help foster the idea that Flow Kana is about transforming society, not just getting baked.

Inside the reception area, guests were greeted with a banquet of options, artfully arranged on a burlap cloth. Flow Kana works directly with farmers in Northern California and likes to call their concept farm-to-table. For this event, the table was covered with containers of Kanatella (house-made chocolate-hazelnut spread infused with 10 mg of medical marijuana) and Kanabees (same deal, but with honey) that could be sampled with tiny wooden spoons. There were also bowls of different strains of weed that could be sampled using an assortment of vaporizers, including a handful of Pax 2s and one Volcano vaporizer (the kind with the plastic bag that inflates like balloon people outside a car dealership).

Nitasha Tiku / Buzzfeed

Nitasha Tiku/Buzzfeed

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