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Watch In Real Time As 3.1 Million Humans Have Their Thanksgiving Plans Ruined (Again!)

2014 Edition! (h/t to last year’s post !)

Last year, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, a winter storm barreled across the country, stranding thousands and leaving them bartering with a higher power for WiFi in an over-crowded, turkey-less airport. Oh, and it's happening again this year.

That's right, roughly three million air travelers will be hurtling through the skies this holiday week, with a hefty portion making their way today, as the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions brace a winter storm. And that means flight delays.

But, as we showed you last year, there's one small bit of entertainment to come out of all of this. Using Misery Map, a real-time weather and flight data visualization by the live flight tracking site Flight Aware, you can watch the delays pile up airport by airport in a neat, somewhat dizzying animation. Perfect for weather nerds, aviation aficionados, and run-of-the-mill sick and twisted schadenfreude.

So relax, stake out your spot on the floor in the terminal next to that inexplicably-placed lone outlet by the jet bridge and marvel. And please, please, please travel safe!


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