The 36-year-old women lost nearly 200,000. PLN. Police appeal: beware of scammers!

A woman lost about 200,000 PLN (about 44000 euro)

She installed a program on her computer recommended by a purported financial advisor. Instead of the expected profit, she has her account wiped out and someone has taken out loans. The program made it possible to remotely control the device, the woman also provided bank account numbers and passwords. She authorized remotely transactions performed on her account. She was promised investments in cryptocurrencies.

The woman testified that a year ago she set up an account that was to be used to invest in the cryptocurrency. She did not pay any funds for it, she even forgot about its existence.

At the end of December, a man called her and said that he had funds on his account. However, in order to receive the money, she must open the link that she received in her e-mail. Unaware of the threat, she clicked and installed remote control software on her computer. Then, according to the instructions, she entered the indicated page and there allegedly appeared her investment account with the amount of 12000 US dollars that were supposed to be her profit. With the stranger, the woman agreed the amount she wanted to transfer to her account and gave him the bank account number. Then, she followed the instructions – she entered the banking password and logged into her bank account, authorizing the transactions. She saw her savings disappear from her account and loans were taken. The interlocutor assured that it was standard procedure. He also acted in a similar way with another 36-year-old account. Losses are the sum of money transferred from her accounts, including loans taken – an amount of nearly PLN 200,000.

The police appeal to reason and remind: “Remember that you should not share your login details in electronic and mobile banking, or your account passwords, with anyone. We should also not open the links sent without knowing their content and install additional software on devices from which logging into the bank takes place. Especially if the alleged investment “advisor” requires it. You should not authorize transfers that we do not make ourselves. If you suspect that someone is trying to fraud, you should notify the Police. “