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A.N.A New York City Business Broker

New York City, the largest metropolitan area in the United States and home to over 22 million people in the greater area is also the largest commerce center. Based on Census, New York City is home to almost 2 million businesses. It is no surprise that business transactions are common and so is the importance of a New York City Business Broker.

Most business owners only experience one business transaction in their lifetime. Also, most business owner’s have not thought about an exit strategy for their business. Without a plan and without business transaction experience, there are huge mistakes that can be extremely costly and life altering that must be avoided. So what is the solution?

Proper representation by an experienced and reputable firm is the solution. If you are seeking a York City Business , then look no further than A Neumann and Associates. With over 25 years of Mergers and Acquisitions experience and involved in thousands of business valuations, they will assist you from before to often well after a business transaction.

It all starts with confidentiality. This is a critical component of the process to keep everything completely confidential. The next step is a certified business valuation by a third party. It must be a third party to be objective, a business valuation obtained by a party representing the buyer or seller creates a conflict of interest and the valuation may come in high or low. Buyers will not even take a seller serious unless they have a third party certified business valuation. It also justifies the asking price, helps the buyer secure financing and has many additional benefits. 

Many business owners obtain business valuations years in advance, almost like a business scorecard or snapshot of their current standing in the industry and use the information to improve the value and salability of their business. Savvy business owners use the analysis of value drivers in the business valuation to significantly improve their standing in the industry. Value drivers impact not only the value, but salability of a business. Improvements on value drivers and minimizing negative value drivers instill comfort and confidence in business buyers that the business will sustain and even improve operations, profit and value going forward.

Most businesses without proper representation from an expert New York Business will not sell. And if they do, they are often leaving a lot of money on the table, agreeing to non-favorable terms, paying way too much in taxes, etc. A Neumann and Associates offers free confidential consultations to review your current standing, future plans and goals. Structuring the deal properly is critical to meeting goals and since business owner’s usually only sell one business, they can’t afford to make mistakes.

As a leading business broker firm in the New York City and tri-state area, A Neumann and associates has built it’s reputation on excellent customer service. Their testimonials from happy clients speak volumes about their expertise, professionalism and a New York City business brokers firm that you can trust.

A Neumann and associates has built it’s reputation on excellent customer service.  Their testimonials from happy clients speak volumes about their expertise, professionalism and a  New York City business brokers  firm that you can trust.

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A Neumann and Associates Business Broker in New York

As one of the world’s largest commerce centers, New York has a wide variety of international businesses. With Wall Street, Manhattan, the five Burroughs and the surrounding metro area, it is often listed as high as 27 million people. It is also one of the more expensive areas to live not only in the United States but in the entire world. For business owners planning an exit strategy for the New York Business, it is critical to have proper representation. Especially those planning to retire in New York with the high cost of living. It is crucial to have an experienced and respected New York City Business Broker.
Most business owners only experience one business transaction in their entire life. They start a business or maybe inherit a business and lack business transaction experience when they begin to plan their exit. In fact, most business owners have no exit strategy at all. There are some major mistakes that can occur from a poor exit strategy. Business sellers can leave a lot of money on the table, pay way too much in taxes, agree to less than appealing terms and really inhibit themselves from specific goals when selling a business. This is where representation by A Neumann and Associates, experienced and respected New York Business Brokers can be critical.
As a New York Business Broker, A Neumann and Associates can assist from the before the beginning to after the end of a business transaction. First and foremost, confidentiality is a priority. Even well before a business owner decides to sell, they should engage with a business broker. Assessing the current market environment, looking at where the business is at, valuing the worth of the business, assessing strength and weaknesses that can be improved to drive value, etc is a result of engaging with an expert New York Business Broker such as A Neumann and Associates. As a premier New York Business Broker firm, the process starts well before the sale.
After a free confidential consultation, preliminary steps that will eventually form a winning exit strategy begin to take place. A business valuation ahead of time is critical in the process. It not only shows buyers that you are serious but it will evaluate your business on many factors that can become really informative on how to make adjustments and improvements to achieve a higher sales price, more buyer interest and possibly a multiple offer situation. Business valuations also help the buyer secure financing, help determine asking price and reduce the risk of costly mistakes during the business transaction.
A Neumann and Associates assists buyers and sellers every step of the way. With 25 years of industry experience, transaction experience in all kinds of industries and offices nationwide, they have become one of the most well respected New York Business Broker firms in the tri-state area. If you are a business owner in the New York or tri-state area and have questions about the current market, value of your business, curious about where you stand or are interested in a business transaction be it purchase or sale of a business then look no further. A Neumann and Associates offers a free confidential consultation to assist you with all your needs.

A Neumann and Associates assists buyers and sellers every step of the way.  With 25 years of industry experience, transaction experience in all kinds of industries and offices nationwide, they have become one of the most well respected New York Business Broker firms in the tri-state area.

Chick-Fil-A Just Handed Out 6,500 Free Sandwiches In New York City

There’s no strategy like free food.

Venessa Wong / BuzzFeed News

NEW YORK — Over the last two years, the chicken sandwich chain Chick-fil-A has started expanding beyond its usual suburban environs to urban markets, and on Oct. 3, it will open the doors to its largest restaurant yet in the country's largest city, New York.

It will be Chick-fil-A's first location in Manhattan (aside from the NYU cafeteria), which means that even in this city of roughly 8.5 million people, there are plenty yet who have no clue what Chick-fil-A is, despite the fact that the Atlanta-based chain is arguably one of the most successful companies in fast food at the moment.

Chick-fil-A is betting large on the giant, new restaurant, which will be three stories, have 10 registers, and two kitchens. It will have roughly twice the capacity of a typical Chick-fil-A, said Ryan Holmes, a Chick-fil-A urban strategy consultant. In other words, it's expecting tons of business. “Our urban strategy is a lot about New York,” he said.

Chick-fil-A is already planning a second store in Manhattan, and there's room for 15 to 20 locations in the borough, said Holmes, with additional room in the city's outer boroughs like Brooklyn.

To drum up interest in what remains unchartered territory for the brand, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the company handed out roughly 6,500 free chicken sandwiches outside of Madison Square Garden, which is blocks away from the upcoming store. By 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, roughly 70 people had lined up ahead of the truck's opening, and they continued to pour in.


Chick-fil-A aggressively promoted the giveaway. It hired eight people to spread the word by bike, and five pedicabs to chauffeur people to the truck, which was blasting dance music for passersby.

Chick-fil-A aggressively promoted the giveaway. It hired eight people to spread the word by bike, and five pedicabs to chauffeur people to the truck, which was blasting dance music for passersby.


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Days After Obama, New York Attorney General Proposes Data Breach Laws

In addition to strengthening notification laws, Attorney General Schneiderman is proposing incentive programs to ensure businesses comply with laws.

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has proposed a set of rules that would overhaul statewide data security laws and strengthen consumer protection.

As New York State rules stand, businesses are required to notify those affected by a security breach if “private information” is compromised. But “private information” according to New York State Technology Law 208 only includes social security numbers, drivers license or non-driver ID numbers, or any account numbers and passwords “which would permit access to an individual's financial account.”

The newly proposed rules, however, would mandate that businesses also notify users affected if a data breach included email addresses and passwords, security questions, or medical or health insurance information.

Schneiderman's announcement comes just days after President Barack Obama announced a legislation proposing a national standard for consumer protection in the face of a data breach. Though President Obama gave few details about the proposed legislation (some expect him to go into more detail at the State of the Union on Tuesday), he did say that companies would be required to notify users of a data breach within 30 days.

Schneiderman also proposes a mandate that every company that stores private information must be required to have reasonable security measures such as employee training, regular tests of controls and procedures, and protection of physical places where information is stored.

Under the bill, Schneiderman proposes that New York State offer an incentive program for businesses to adopt a “model security” standard, as well as a program to incentivize companies to share forensic reports with law enforcement by ensuring that the disclosure would not be considered a breach of privilege or protection. Businesses that meet the model security standard would be granted some form of safe harbor protection that could include an “elimination of liability or burden shifting effect in litigation surrounding a data breach.”

In an initial draft of the announcement of the bill provided by the Attorney General's deputy press secretary Elizabeth Bold, the proposed incentive programs included tax breaks as an option. But ultimately, Bold told BuzzFeed News, that aspect of the incentive program “never got past initial stages of bill drafting.”

This isn't the first time Schneiderman has spoken out on technology issues in New York. In October of last year, Schneiderman faced a slew of criticism and was seen as a new technology opponent after a series of legal battles against companies like Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb. But in more recent battles between government regulators and Uber and Lyft, Schneiderman has come out staunchly in support of the tech companies. As BuzzFeed News reported in November, Schneiderman wrote a letter to the TLC criticizing a proposed set of rules for restricting competition.

There are currently security breach notification laws in 47 states, but the breadth and depth of the laws vary greatly. Schneiderman claims the bill as proposed would be the nation's most comprehensive. “Let's act now to make our state a national model for data privacy and security,” Schneiderman said via a press statement.

BuzzFeed – Tech

Uber’s Travis Kalanick Takes “Charm Offensive” To New York City

A change in tactics for a confrontational CEO.

Handout / Reuters

Travis Kalanick, CEO of the hotly covered tech juggernaut Uber — whose relations with the media have been rocky — was in New York City Friday meeting with reporters, the latest episode in an apparent charm offensive.

Members of the New York press that either cover Uber or tech, including this BuzzFeed reporter, The New York Times' Mike Isaac, Business Insider's Alyson Shontell, Capital New York's Dana Rubenstein, and Newsweek's Polly Mosendz, joined Kalanick at the Gramercy Park Hotel for a spread of fruits, muffins and other snacks. The event, the substance of which was off-the-record by agreement, appears to be part of a new approach by the confrontational company, which recently brought on former Obama aide David Plouffe to help shape its image.

San Francisco Magazine's Ellen Cushing recently wrote of her interview with Kalanick in San Francisco:

Kalanick's mild manner during our interview was but one example of a concerted media effort to evoke what TechCrunch has described as a “kinder, gentler Uber.” Quietly but clearly, the CEO has launched something of an apology tour—tamping down the aggro “asshole named Taxi” rhetoric just a little, appearing contrite at conferences and industry events. (The story that you're reading is in fact part of the company's charm offensive: At the photo shoot for our cover, Kalanick repeatedly expressed concern about looking like an “asshole.”)”

Kalanick appeared to have a full media day in New York. Ian Osborne, a well-connected British political and media figure and Davos mainstay, will be hosting a dinner for the Uber chief at the media power spot the Waverly Inn, according to an invitation from the columnist Michael Wolff to BuzzFeed's editor-in-chief, Ben Smith.

BuzzFeed – Tech

“God View:” Uber Investigates Its Top New York Executive For Privacy Violations

In the wake of a BuzzFeed News story, the transit company is looking into the official’s tracking of a journalist’s location.

BuzzFeed News

Uber said Tuesday that it is investigating its top New York executive for tracking a BuzzFeed News reporter without her permission in violation of what the transit giant says has long been its privacy policy. The company also published its privacy policy for the first time on Tuesday, though it said the policy had always been in effect.

Uber took both actions in the wake of a BuzzFeed News story that revealed that the reporter's ride had been tracked without her permission and that another Uber executive had suggested the company might smear journalists who wrote critically of Uber. The executive who suggested digging into the private lives of journalists, Emil Michael, said his comments were “wrong” and that he regrets them.

Tracking customers is easy using an internal company tool called “God View,” two former Uber employees told BuzzFeed News. They said God View, which shows the location of Uber vehicles and customers who have requested a car, was widely available to corporate employees. Drivers, who operate as contractors, do not have access to God View.

Early this November, one of the reporters of this story, Johana Bhuiyan, arrived to Uber's New York headquarters in Long Island City for an interview with Josh Mohrer, the general manager of Uber New York. Stepping out of her vehicle — an Uber car — she found Mohrer waiting for her. “There you are,” he said, holding his iPhone and gesturing at it. “I was tracking you.”

Mohrer never asked for permission to track her.

Two months earlier, to make a point about questions Bhuiyan had asked about ride-share competitor Lyft, Mohrer had emailed her logs of some of her Uber trips. He had not asked for permission to access her data.

Uber said access to and use of its data is permitted only for legitimate business purposes and that violations result in disciplinary action, including the possibility of termination and legal action. It also said it is investigating Mohrer's actions in tracking Bhuiyan and accessing her logs.

The two former Uber employees, both of whom worked at the company until this spring and requested anonymity, said that God View was easily accessible to staff across the company. One said employee said that he never saw unauthorized use of the tool; the other declined to answer that question.

Venture capitalist Peter Sims wrote about being tracked in a blog post this September. Back in 2011, he wrote, he was in an Uber car in Manhattan when he started receiving text messages from someone he barely knew telling him exactly where he was. That person later told him that she was at an Uber launch party in Chicago, where Sims' movements were being tracked via God View on a large public screen.

“After learning this,” he wrote, “I expressed my outrage to her that the company would use my information and identity to promote its services without my permission. She told me to calm down, and that it was all a 'cool' event and as if I should be honored to have been one of the chosen.”

Uber did not respond to BuzzFeed News questions about this incident.

The company, which had not previously published its privacy policy, unveiled it Tuesday on its blog. “Uber has a strict policy prohibiting all employees at every level from accessing a rider or driver's data,” it states. “The only exception to this policy is for a limited set of legitimate business purposes.” Such purposes include solving problems for riders and drivers, monitoring accounts for fraudulent activity, and facilitating driver transactions. The company said the policy has always been in place and that employees agree to it when they join Uber.

On Tuesday afternoon, after Uber CEO Travis Kalanick tweeted a condemnation of Uber exec Michael's comments, Mohrer suggested the storm had passed, tweeting a celebratory image from the Uber New York office. He deleted it shortly after posting:

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