North Korea Denies “Righteous” Sony Hack

The regime has denied that it was behind the devastating film studio hack but says it “might be a righteous deed of the supporters and sympathizers with the DPRK.” Kcna / Reuters The North Korean government denied Sunday it had a role in the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment in a statement by the National […]

Sony Pictures’ Business Secrets Revealed In Hack — Yep, “Seinfeld” Is Still A Cash Cow

The massive data leak includes intricate details on television syndication and movie licensing deals. From a commercial standpoint, it’s a nightmare for Sony. Sony Pictures / Via The vast trove of internal data hackers took from Sony Pictures Entertainment isn't just a nightmare for its employees, whose deeply personal information was made public. It […]

It Gets Worse: The Newest Sony Data Breach Exposes Thousands Of Passwords

Excel and Word documents plainly expose thousands of computer log-in, financial, and web services passwords, including the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace passwords for hundreds of major motion picture accounts. BuzzFeed Yesterday afternoon, the hackers behind the massive Sony corporate data hack released a new trove of documents, and it appears that things are only […]

FBI Warns Of “Destructive Malware” After Attack On Sony

The FBI is warning businesses that hackers have used “destructive malware” to launch cyber attacks in the U.S. scyther5/scyther5 The Federal Bureau of Investigation sent a secret five-page “flash” warning to U.S. businesses late Monday warning of cyber attacks which use “destructive malware” to wipe data and may be impossible to recover. The report also […]