An Old Folks Home In San Francisco Has Some New Residents: Young Techies

Amid an unprecedented real estate boom, one longtime home for San Francisco’s low-income retirees is welcoming fresh-faced tenants paying market rates. Zane Riley, who moved to San Francisco's Mission neighborhood this spring. William Alden / Via BuzzFeed News Some luxury apartment buildings in San Francisco lure young tech workers with perks like housekeeping, dry cleaning, […]

Zenefits Is An HR “Rocket Ship” — But Some Customers Get Left Behind

Matt Chase for BuzzFeed News Mike Hawkins' four-month health insurance nightmare began in November, when he started doing business with a Silicon Valley startup called Zenefits. Hawkins, the founder and CEO of Netizen, a cybersecurity startup in Allentown, Pennsylvania, had heard good things about Zenefits, a health insurance broker that offers free human resources software […]

Some Parisian Uber Drivers Are Harassing Female Customers By Text

Several women complained about the texts on Twitter. Uber told a French newspaper that it’s investigating the claims. Sergio Perez / Reuters Several Parisian women complained on Twitter about Uber drivers hitting on them via text message after getting their numbers through the app, the French newspaper Libération reported on Tuesday. “If you can't sleep, […]

Peers Wants To Offer Help (And Some Stability) To Sharing Economy Workers

Peers, an online community for sharing economy workers, announces a homeshare liability insurance program and a short-term vehicle lease program for rideshare workers whose cars are under repair. Peers As the sharing economy grows, so do the needs of its contract workers. “There is an emerging sharing economy workforce,” Peers executive director Shelby Clark told […]