Yahoo Shuts Down Yahoo Screen Video Service

Justin Lubin / NBC Under CEO Marissa Mayer, Yahoo has spent the past few years buying up the rights to football games, launching news shows, reviving flailing network TV series, and creating original content. All of that programming — Community, Jaguars vs. Bills, Katie Couric's daily news show — was hosted on Yahoo Screen. And […]

Amazon Shutting Webstore Ecommerce-Hosting Service?

Amazon Shutting Webstore Ecommerce-Hosting Service? Rumors surfaced at the IRCE Focus: Digital Design conference on Wednesday that Amazon will close its web-hosting service. Kevin Richards, CEO of Ventura Web Design, was speaking on a panel about the basics of ecommerce site design. He confirmed … Read more on EcommerceBytes Facebook may host news sites' material And […]

Domain SEO Service Registration Scam

It is several days ago when I received an email saying that my domain is going to expire very soon. I was surprised! I never do any business with Domain SEO Service Registration Corp. After do research I find out that this “company” is already reported as scammy service. After checking page I really don’t […]