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Increase workplace productivity using the latest Sales Technology

You like to think of your company as forward-thinking don’t you? Always ready to adopt new methodologies for the greater good of the company? So why haven’t you implemented the latest Sales technology into your workplace yet, what’s wrong with the sales training technology? Did you know that a market leader in Sale Technology has the software to provide your business with a continuous learning system? Maybe you didn’t realise that Sales Technology could be so advanced and your teams could receive ongoing training through an embedded solution.

It’s time face reality my friend by embracing the very latest Sales Technology on the market. Support your teams and give them what they want, proven Sales Technology that actually works.

Make it a date with a class leading Sales technology team

Okay, you’re the first to admit that when you read about sales training technology it becomes a bit of a blur. In fact, Sales Technology isn’t just a bit of a blur, it’s a mega haze, a full-on fog, a real pea-souper and you’re not sure how it can help your company.

Don’t worry, that’s natural, you’re not an expert on Sales Technology that’s where market leaders in sales training technology come to the fore. They provide proven methods and offer reinforced solutions to help drive your sales team forward with the very latest Sales Technology systems. You don’t need to be a genius to understand Sales Technology, that’s a job for class-leading companies who deliver dedicated training programmes to their clients.

Maximise those sales

Obviously the reason you are considering sales training technology is to improve worker-focused tuition within the workplace. With staff using the very latest Sales technology your team will receive ongoing support using up-to-the-minute systems.

Regular training will improve the performance and effectiveness of your workers they’ll benefit directly from the latest Sales Technology training. Use informal learning as a tool and you’ll witness a massive difference that Sales Technology training makes to your workplace.

Individual training solutions can be provided for each individual organisation, Sales Technology solutions are tailored to their exact needs. You’ll certainly enhance the performance of your team and maximise those sales opportunities by introducing sales Technology to their environment.

Sales technology has to be of a superlative calibre and incorporate the most modern, up to date methods if it is to be considered valuable. White-springs.com has top notch sales training technology!

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Red Lobster Sales Shot Up 33% After BeyoncĂ©’s “Formation”

Patrick Smith / Getty Images

Last weekend, Beyoncé blessed fans with this lyric in her new single “Formation” — or, more specifically, she blessed casual seafood chain Red Lobster:

Via youtube.com

Now the Orlando-based restaurant chain says its sales this Sunday were up 33% compared to Sunday a year ago, following the mention from Queen Bey.

Red Lobster spokeswoman Erica Ettori told BuzzFeed News the company “had no advance warning” about the song and was “completely surprised.” She said they “continued to see positive momentum into Monday,” but also noted that the current Lobsterfest promotion may be partly responsible for the bump.

(Yeah, sure, Red Lobster. It was the Lobsterfest. Definitely Lobsterfest.)

Via gossipgirl.alloyentertainment.com

There's no doubt “Formation” kindled excitement for Red Lobster on Twitter:

Even if they were let down by Red Lobster's less inspired response to the whole thing.

The sales bump from Beyoncé's amorous lyric may not be over for Red Lobster yet. Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

Here’s the full “Formation” music video.


People Are Going To Red Lobster Now Because Of Beyoncé

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Chipotle Sales Are Tumbling, As E. Coli Outbreak Worsens

Frank Farm / Via Flickr: frankfarm

Chipotle's sales have taken a serious tumble as the company grapples with an E. coli outbreak that has infected 52 people across the country, and the company says it could end the October-December quarter with sales down up to 11%.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still doesn't know what caused the month-long E. coli outbreak in Chipotle restaurants, but the agency reported seven more cases on Friday morning, hours before the restaurant chain disclosed its falling sales.

“For the full month of November, comparable restaurant sales were -16%,” the company said. “If these sales trends continue, we believe comparable restaurant sales could be in a range of -8% to -11% for the three month period ending December 31, 2015.”

It also withdrew its outlook for 2016. “Future sales trends may be significantly influenced by further developments, including potential additional announcements from federal and state health authorities,” the company said.

On Friday morning, in a separate announcement, Chipotle said it was committed to becoming “an industry leader in food safety,” but acknowledged that “additional cases [of E. coli] may be reported as states get data to federal agencies.”

Of the 52 people reported ill, 90% ate at a Chipotle restaurant in the week before their illness started. The new cases also extends the period during which people reported getting sick from — it is now Oct. 19 to Nov. 13, a few days longer than in the last update, which ranged to Nov. 8.

The seven new cases were in California, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio (2 people), Pennsylvania, and Washington, The CDC said two of these illnesses started in October, and five started in November. “The investigation is still ongoing to identify common meal items or ingredients causing illness,” according to the CDC update.

“Reporting on these cases can take time, and what we are seeing now is that reporting lag,” Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold told BuzzFeed News. “That kind of reporting lag is not uncommon for incidents like this.”

According to the CDC, this kind of E. coli “live in the guts of ruminant animals” and infections start when you swallow the bacteria — “in other words, when you get tiny (usually invisible) amounts of human or animal feces in your mouth.” Most people start feeling sick three to four days after exposure. Since antibiotics should not be used to treat this kind of E. coli infection, the only recommended treatment is to stay hydrated.

As Chipotle tightens its food safety standards, the chain — which typically sources local ingredients — is now “not sure that all of the current local suppliers will be able to meet those elevated protocols,” Arnold told Bloomberg News earlier this week.

E. Coli Cases Linked To Chipotle Have Spread To California And New York

Why Is Chipotle Having So Many Food Safety Issues?

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With $2.9 Billion In Sales This Year, OfferUp Is Coming Out Of Stealth Mode

OfferUp co-founders Arean van Veelen and Nick Huzar.


Craigslist is the crocodile of the tech industry — a perfectly evolved beast that has outlived competitors trying to buy into it, decimated an entire industry, and withstood the rise of mobile. It did all that while looking more or less exactly the same as it did when it launched in 1996. What can appear on the surface to be a lack of attention to the principles of modern design or underinvestment in product development is really just a predator operating at its evolutionary endpoint.

But in the era of the unicorn, never underestimate the urge to fight a crocodile. Why shouldn't Craigslist be overtaken by an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly marketplace for people who want to buy and sell things?

Investors have now put $ 90 million into one company trying to do just that. OfferUp, founded in Seattle in 2011, is far from a household name and has had little publicity, but its founders say the service has quietly become a significant player in e-commerce. They say $ 2.9 billion has been transacted over their marketplace so far this year, a big number for anybody in the industry. In comparison, Etsy's marketplace had $ 1.93 billion in sales in all of 2014, while industry giant eBay had $ 19.6 billion flow through its system in its most recent quarter.

OfferUp “is among the fastest growing marketplaces we have ever seen,” Jeff Jordan, a partner at Andreesen Horowitz and board member at OfferUp, said in a statement. The venture capital firm first invested in OfferUp in May 2014, Jordan wrote in a blog post today, “but kept that information under wraps—at the company’s request—as they methodically rolled out to new cities.” (Andreesen Horowitz is also an investor in BuzzFeed.)

When you first open OfferUp, you see an Instagram-like grid of photos of stuff available near you. I live in North Brooklyn, so I saw some knit goods, iPhones, formerly expensive jeans, cars, and hoverboards. You can also search for specific items.

Matthew Zeitlin

So far, so good. But the founders say their real innovations are on the seller side, and in features that give buyers and sellers confidence in interacting with each other, even though most purchases are still done in cash. Buyers and sellers each have ratings, and can chat over the app without giving up a phone number or email address.

The two founders — Nick Huzar, the chief executive, and Arean van Veelen, the chief technology officer — said when surveys asked why people didn't buy or sell items online, many women said they were concerned about safety. To address that, they allowed third party ID verification. Buyers and sellers “have to go through the process to be verified to know they are the person they say they are,” van Veelen said.

Another peace-of-mind feature is something users of dating apps and sites will be familiar with: letting users see mutual Facebook Facebook friends, or what OfferUp calls “trusted connections.”

Building an app that women feel comfortable using is a priority, and the two male founders point to prominent women leading the business: A woman leads OfferUp's engineering team, and a woman is responsible for trust and safety features on the product team.

OfferUp raised $ 73 million earlier this year, and has raised a total of $ 90 million. While the company won't disclose a valuation, the Wall Street Journal reported in October that it had been valued “around” $ 800 million in a March funding round. “I wouldn't say that number is accurate,” Huzar said. “What I would say is that we’ve 5X’d our growth since January, we’re a way bigger company than we were back then.”

One metric that hasn't grown in the last year is revenue, which remains at the tidy figure of zero. “Today we’re not monetizing as a business,” Huzar said. Hence all the cash the company has raised. With no revenues, it has grown from 15 to over 60 people employees in a year, and includes former employees of Amazon, eBay, and Airbnb.

Do Huzar and his team have any plans to get some money coming in? Advertising, perhaps, or taking a cut from sellers or charging for certain listings? If there's a plan, the company is keeping things vague for now. “There are existing models we could look to and potentially adopt and there are new things we could do,” he said.

OfferUp is backed by big-name investors like Andreesen Horowitz, the hedge fund Coatue, and asset manager T. Rowe Price. “If you think about the market we’re going after, it’s a massive market,” Huzar said. “Our investors are super excited by how fast we’re growing.”

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Jessica Simpson’s Brand Now Makes $1 Billion In Annual Sales

That’s more than the annual revenue of American Apparel or Sotheby’s, and not too far off from Crocs.

Jessica Simpson / Via Facebook: jessicasimpson

Jessica Simpson's brand now officially brings in a remarkable $ 1 billion in annual sales, which is more than the revenue at American Apparel, Bebe and Sotheby's, and in the ballpark of shoe marvel Crocs.

The pop star just agreed to sell a majority interest in her brand to Sequential Brands Group, which owns, manages and licenses labels including Ellen Tracy, Heelys and William Rast, according to a statement today. The release disclosed that annual retail sales for the brand, founded in 2005, are about $ 1 billion, which it's often been estimated at. That's up from the $ 750 million that New York magazine said it brought in during 2010.

That's pretty huge in the grand scheme of the retail world. You've likely seen the Jessica Simpson Collection's shoes, clothes, bags and home goods at chains such as Macy's, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom Rack and even Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Simpson has been able to create a legitimately large business through selling goods to the average American woman at department stores and discounters. Prices for the merchandise online aren't bad — shoes, the first product out of the brand, go for $ 60 to $ 70 a pair, dresses cost $ 70, and tops sell for $ 50 online. On the Macy's website, shirts are discounted to $ 15 and $ 30 a pop while pants are going for $ 20.

What the licensing deal probably means is more Jessica Simpson, around the world, and with her name slapped on even more new products, which is kind of amazing when you consider she was best known 15 years ago for being a virginal pop star dating the frontman of 98 Degrees and then starring in a reality show documenting their brief marriage. Since then, she's built her label around catering to women of all shapes and sizes, crediting its success to her ability to “relate to the heart of every woman.”

“The key for organic growth in this brand will be to expand into international markets with a line that is, in many respects, a very American women focused in terms of sensibilities and color palette,” Eric Beder, an analyst at Wunderlich Securities, wrote in a note today. “We believe the Jessica Simpson expansion will be a solid test of management's ability to creatively expand the line.”

As for Simpson, she said in the release that she's “as committed as I was ten years ago.”

“Here's to the next billion,” she said.

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With Sales Declining, McDonald’s Expands Customizable Burgers

Customers in six states will soon be able to design their own burgers, including chicken sandwiches.

Mike Blake / Reuters

With sales at its U.S. outlets falling by more than double than what was expected in November, McDonald's is seeking new ways to innovate and stop the flow of customers to other fast food restaurants, expanding a customization option that allows patrons to build their own burgers.

McDonald's announced Monday that sales in its U.S. stores were down 4.6% for the month, with global comparable sales also falling 2.2%. Analysts had predicted just a 1.9% drop in the chain's American stores, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The company blamed falling sales on “strong competitive activity.”

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