LinkedIn Just Sent An Email To Let People Know It Was Sued For Sending Too Many Emails

The professional social network will pay $ 13 million into a settlement fund. Spencer Bergen / BuzzFeed LinkedIn — professional social network and useless email generator — just settled a class-action lawsuit…for sending too many emails. In May, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner told BuzzFeed News that “there are certain members to whom we're sending too […]

This Perfect Chrome Extension Replaces “Millennials” With “Snake People”

“For Snake People, A Generational Divide.” H/T creator @ericwbailey. You know that wrathful feeling you get when you see yet another article making broad, sweeping generalizations about so-called “millennials”? Time Inc. / Via Curb your angry, eye-rolling urges with this delightful Chrome extension that replaces the m-word with… “Snake People.” Via Revisit Google […]