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How to Make the Most out of Business Surveys?

Operating a business in this hard-line setting is a hard nut to crack especially for the first-time business entrepreneurs who have recently commenced a business. Even then, in order to be on your toes, you need not split hair to stay in touch with your target end users back to back and getting their valuable feedback regarding your products and services. By long odds, failure to achieving the need would lead you to losing your customers gradually. Utilizing a few ways will help you considerably in deriving information from your customers and that will play a seminal role in stepping up the your business’s profits and recognition. One of the proven ways that can help you achieve the need is by conducting surveys online.

As you conduct survey online, the strategy will act as a catalyst in maximizing the amount of money that your business is generating for you. As you are well aware that lion’s share of your business profit comes directly from the customers. However it is always a bang-up idea for you to seek new customers and to mushroom your business in that fashion. Also never discount the fact that your existing customers already and certainly pin faith on you to a certain degree. Utilizing the online survey tool can help you discover what your end users wish for, you can contrive new products and services that will assist you well in expanding the horizons of your business base.

As a businessperson, it is crucial for you to be aware of the ways to carry out a business survey the right way. The best way to garner feedback from your customers is surveys online because it is convenient and the surveys can be plumped out at a handy time for your end user. Another considerable way to carry out a survey is via telephone surveys software which will help your customers the ability to easily fill out the information for a survey.

Another crucial point to take in importantly is the quantity of information that you are trying to get from your end users. There is a profit in keeping your survey succinct and relevant–this way, you can get a plenty of information that will be helpful in stepping your business up sharply. If you keep to asking questions back to back, it is very likely that your customers will be worn down filling out the survey questionnaire and will quit it abruptly. So the bottom-line is to keep the survey questionnair relevant and you will acquire a plenty of information in the long run.

Last but not least, it is important to gauge the information properly end to end. There is a host of online survey tools which can assist you smartly and will enable you to maximize surveys that you are featuring across your customers.

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Electronics Engineering Technology Distance Learning – Become a Most in Demand Technologist

Electronics Engineering Technology distance learning courses are flourishing, making use of the low entry-level requirement of a 2-year Associate Degree to become an Engineering Technician, and the further career advancement to an Engineering Technologist (or Applied Engineer) possible in the field by pursuing a 4-year Bachelors Degree. Among all Technicians and Technologists working in USA, Electrical and Electronics Engineering professionals make up more than one-third, which is a clear indication for their demand. And this demand is nowadays driven more by the high-tech industry’s need for Electronics Engineering Technicians, rather than the conventional industries’ need for Electrical Engineering Technicians.

Why Electronics Engineering Technology?

All of today’s booming industrial sectors like telecommunications, medical equipment, control systems, automotive systems, navigational systems, and of course, the consumer appliances sector are bringing out everything from mobile phones to home theatres, and require expertise in Electronics Engineering more than anything else, which explains the demand for Electronics Engineering professionals.

However, to attempt the field through an Engineering Degree can be taxing to those students who are not interested in taking advanced level mathematics (calculus) courses that an Engineering Degree requires, or to endure its long 4-year time frame. For such students, Electronics Engineering Technology is a great option, with its stress on applied or hands-on Electronics Engineering rather than the mathematics-dense and research-oriented Electronics Engineering. The time frame also is much shorter, with an Electronics Engineering Technician requiring only a 2-year Associate Degree to enter the field.

The job opportunities too are tilted in favor of Electronics Engineering Technicians when compared with Electronics Engineers; there are 182,000 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians working in USA, compared with only 143,000 Electronics Engineers. The only drawbacks – a lower level in the hierarchy and the lower starting salaries than Electronics Engineers – can be overcome in the long run, since interested Electronics Engineering Technicians can study further for a 4-year Bachelors Degree, thus qualifying for the senior position of Electronics Engineering Technologist, who enjoys a position and salary comparable to Electronics Engineers. Average salary for Electronics Engineering Senior Technicians / Technologists is US $ 46,000, very comparable to salaries for Electronics Engineers at US $ 52,000.

Why Electronics Engineering Technology Distance Learning?

It is estimated that job opportunities for Electronics Engineering Technicians and Technologists would grow at up to 17% every year, for nearly the next 10 years. The requirement of an Associate Degree for entering the field is a relatively recent phenomenon, and a significant percentage of working Electronics Engineering Technicians doesn’t have such a formal degree. The industry preference to degree holders is encouraging such working professionals to get an Associate Degree, and electronics engineering technology distance learning becomes the natural choice. Also, due to the boom in the sector, those already having an Associate Degree will go for a Bachelors Degree so that they can work as a Technologist. And, of course, the growth prospects in the sector are attracting working professionals from other fields to Electronics Engineering Technology. These three factors are driving the huge demand for electronics engineering technology distance learning courses.

Earlier, there were technological hindrances to deliver such a hands-on course through a distance or online model. However, with the development of state-of-the-art systems like National Instruments’ LabVIEW/ELVIS (Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite), which can be used by remote students through a web browser, to virtually perform any electronics experiment, the demand for Electronics Engineering Distance Learning courses are at an all-time high.

Universities and Colleges Offering Electronics Engineering Technology Distance Learning

Electronics engineering technology distance learning courses offer both 2-year Associate and 4-year Bachelors Degrees. While Community Colleges and Institutes dominate the Associate Degree scene, Universities and Polytechnics are the primary sources for Bachelors Degrees. While searching for electronics engineering technology distance learning courses, it should be kept in mind that many US institutions still call the subject Electrical Engineering Technology.

Associate Degrees

Many Community Colleges and Institutes offer 2-year Associate Degrees for electronics engineering technology distance learning, but fully accredited courses are fewer. Whether for employment as an Electronics Engineering Technician or for further pursuance of a Bachelors Degree, it is always better to go for an accredited course. Cleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE), Penn Foster Career School, and Grantham University are three institutions that offer accredited Associate Degrees in the subject.

CIE’s Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Electronics Engineering Technology boasts of many unique features. Designed from the ground up as a distance learning course, rather than an online adaptation of a regular course, the CIE A.A.S. provides everything that an electronics engineering technology distance learning student might require, in a packaged fashion – complete with printed courseware for over 250 self-paced lessons, videos, and detailed instructions for the over 300 hands-on lab experiments. The only thing missing will be access to an Oscilloscope, and the CIE Bookstore even sells Oscilloscopes at discounted prices to its students! One-to-one instructor support is always available for students. Even the exams can be taken online. A really unique feature of the course is that interested and capable students can complete the course in half or even quarter time, and need only pay for that!

Penn Foster Career School offers an Associate in Specialized Technology (AST) in Electronics Technology, that can be completed fully online, with access to an internet-connected computer being the only requirement. Tuition includes well-written and amply-illustrated printed courseware, tools and equipment for experiments, and unlimited instructor support through website, phone, email, and regular mail. Online open-book exams and end-of-semester proctored exams are other features of this course. The course is self-paced, with longer than 2-year durations allowed.

Grantham University offers an Associate of Science (AS) in Electronics Engineering Technology through the distance mode. The tuition package for the course includes textbooks, lesson guides, grading of all tests, mailing of materials and graded tests from the college, consultation with instructors, and required software. Proctored exams are conducted at the end of every semester, which lend more credibility to this course. Consultation with instructors is available through phone, fax, email, and regular mail. To better facilitate the distance mode of the course, Grantham University even provides a discounted option for its students to buy computers from Dell. However, the main advantage of this course is that full credit transfer is possible to Grantham’s Bachelors Degree in the subject. Grantham is especially popular with military students.

Bachelors Degrees

When it comes to Bachelors Degrees for electronics engineering technology distance learning, even courses with accreditation from the Technology Accreditation Commission (TAC) of the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology (ABET) are available.

Old Dominion University offers its Bachelor of Science (BS) in Engineering Technology, with Electrical Engineering Technology as Major, and Electrical Systems Technology as optional. The course name follows the earlier US convention of naming Electronics Engineering courses as Electrical Engineering courses. This B.S. indeed has significant stress on Electronics Engineering Technology. In-depth coverage of Electronics includes Linear Electronics, Digital Controls, Microprocessors, Communications, Control Systems etc. High-tech delivery methods like virtual laboratory, streaming video, and satellite broadcast for 1-way video and 2-way audio, are fully utilized. The course is accredited by TAC of ABET.

World College, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Cleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE), offers a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering Technology (BEET) through the distance mode. Features include over 300 lab experiments, online exams, and toll free phones and email for consultation with instructors. Subjects covered include Electronics, Computer Technology, Telecommunications, Electrical Power, and Control Systems. Access to a computer and an oscilloscope are necessary.

Grantham University (described above, under Associate Degrees) also offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electronics Engineering Technology.

The only current limiting factor for electronics engineering technology distance learning seems to be the high costs for implementing virtual labs that can be simultaneously accessed by a large number of students, and once this is solved by better and economical hardware and software, electronics engineering technology distance learning will be provided by more and more Universities, Colleges, and Polytechnic Institutes.

Jim Zorn is web master of the Guide to Distance Learning. Please visit to learn more about online colleges and universities, distance learning degrees, majors and courses offered.

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History’s 8 Most Important Un-Pivots

Silicon Valley has a new buzzword with plenty of historical relevance.

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A new Silicon Valley buzzword was born yesterday, when Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said he would revive his disappointing social app, Jelly.

“For anyone who remembers Jelly, yes, we took a break but we're back 100%,” he wrote. “Silicon Valley types might call this an 'un-pivot.'”

Some important context: “pivot,” in tech startup circles, is a well-known code word for abandoning a failed project in favor of something new. This is a fairly common practice, and lots of things we love, like Twitter and Slack, started life as something completely different before a pivot to something better.

Stone, when he saw that people weren't using Jelly, pivoted away from the app to work on another app called Super.

An “un-pivot” — returning to that which was pivoted away from — is relatively unusual in tech, which is probably why Stone felt the need to coin a word for it.

But while “un-pivots” aren't the norm in tech, they have played a central role in some of the most important developments in human history. Here's a few of the great historic un-pivots that Stone and Jelly can perhaps take inspiration from.

1920: During Prohibition, the U.S. pivots into national sobriety, then unpivots back to national drunkenness 13 excruciating years later.

1920: During Prohibition, the U.S. pivots into national sobriety, then unpivots back to national drunkenness 13 excruciating years later.

In one of the most foolish political decisions of all time, the United States Senate passed an amendment banning the sale of alcoholic beverages. Franklin Roosevelt, looking to disrupt our long national nightmare of experiencing life without the aide of beer, pivoted us back to turnt in 1933.


48 B.C.: Ancient Rome, after several centuries as a republic, un-pivoted back to a dictatorship.

48 B.C.: Ancient Rome, after several centuries as a republic, un-pivoted back to a dictatorship.

Julius Caesar un-pivoted the Roman Republic by becoming “dictator in perpetuity.” His disruptive vision got him killed, but the groundwork for the Roman Empire had been set.


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From search histories to texts, all the things you’d never want to be made public, as ranked by a new survey.

Have you ever done something online and then truly, deeply regretted it?

Have you ever done something online and then truly, deeply regretted it?

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As the Ashley Madison hack has shown, even your deepest, darkest internet secrets are just sitting there on some company server, waiting to be revealed.

As the Ashley Madison hack has shown, even your deepest, darkest internet secrets are just sitting there on some company server, waiting to be revealed.

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Lascivious Snapchat messages might come to mind, but a new survey of nearly 1,000 people aged 18 to 34 says for that for many, it's our financial lives that would embarrass us the most — specifically, our bank statements.

The survey, carried out by security software company Trustev, found that about 42% of respondents said they would be “mortified” or “very embarrassed” if their bank statements were stolen and posted online.

According to Trustev Chief Marketing Officer Rurik Bradbury, not only do bank statements reveal the truth about your finances, but for debit card users (and especially younger people, who prefer debit cards over credit cards), bank statements become “a proxy for what you spend money on,” as they list itemized transactions.

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Zuckerberg held another Q&A session today to talk about Facebook and his personal life.

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Facebook still isn't adding a “dislike” button any time soon.

That was one question Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answered today as part of a larger question-and-answer session, which covered a broad range of topics including his personal life and how Facebook approaches social issues like economic disparty.

Here are a few paraphrased versions of the most interesting questions that were asked, and some of Zuckerberg's responses:

Some have asked for a dislike button because they want to say something isn't good, that's not something that's good for the world. There doesn't need to be a voting mechanism. I don't think that's socially very valuable or good for the community.

Often people tell us they don't feel comfortable pressing “like” because it isn't the appropriate sentiment. One of the things we've had some dialogue internally is what's the right way for people to easily express a broader range of emotion.

Don't worry about making mistakes too much. The number one question I'm asked is, what mistakes do you wish you could have avoided? I really don't think that's the right question; that's how you learn. The real question is how you learn from them, and not which things you can avoid.

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The chain, a “revenge retail” project by Tory Burch’s ex-husband Christopher, is closing up to 20 of its 32 locations and transitioning into a wholesale brand, BuzzFeed News has learned.

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C. Wonder, the chain created by Tory Burch's ex-husband Christopher in 2011, has plans to shutter most of its stores and transition into a wholesale brand, BuzzFeed News has learned.

The retailer will close up to 20 of its 32 locations by Jan. 1, depending on how lease negotiations unfold, two people familiar with the matter told BuzzFeed News on the condition of anonymity. C. Wonder, which bears a close likeness to Tory Burch's luxury brand, though is less expensive, has trimmed its corporate staff to around 75 people from near 120 in the past year, one person estimated. At least three top executives have left since the end of September. Store leaders were warned about the impending closures about a month ago, two people said.

It's a dismal turn for a retail brand whose conception seemed to be as much about a man's ego as it was about building something new.

J. Christopher Burch, a venture capitalist, opened the first C. Wonder in 2011, drawing a flurry of press centered around how similar his brand looked to Tory Burch's label. (The couple divorced in 2006.) “It's unclear whether this is an amicable homage or a hostile takeover,” The New York Times observed at the time, adding: “The Burch marriage may have ended, but the former spouses share an aesthetic and apparent corporate strategy of selling emblems of the upper class to the masses.”

According to New York magazine, Tory Burch viewed C. Wonder's design and layout as “a deliberate attempt by her ex-husband to confuse the consumer into thinking the two brands are associated, à la Kate and Jack Spade.”

C. Wonder's founding was made extra intriguing by Chris Burch's seat on Tory Burch LLC's board at the time, and his investment in the company, which he cofounded with the designer while they were married. Chris Burch, for his part, has dismissed comparisons between the color-popping, high-end C. Wonder and Tory Burch, saying his aesthetic “has always been classic and preppy.” (Daniela Maron, a spokeswoman for C. Wonder, declined to comment for this story.)

Jemal Countess / WireImage,

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Grandpa Joe From “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” Is The Internet’s Most Hated Man

A deep dive into one of the internet’s most peculiar grudges.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that we need villains to make sense of our world, and Grandpa Joe from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is, somewhat inexplicably, the internet's villain of choice.

In the story, Charlie's family is impoverished — his mother works while Charlie's four grandparents are bedridden (in the same bed). When Charlie wins the golden ticket, it is Joe who accompanies him to the factory.

On Facebook for instance, a page called The I Hate Grandpa Joe From Willy Wonka And Chocolate Factory Page currently has over 10,000 fans. Recently, the page polled its fans to ask, “what is it that Grandpa Joe does that annoys YOU?” and the responses ranged from “bein a little bitch,” to “I hate his hair and his nightgown.” Some, however, were more devastating:

“The fact that he even has “tobacco money” is a goddamn travesty. The family can barely afford a bowl of cabbage soup for a malnourished growing boy and yet this fuck squirrels away cash to smoke his worries away in the immediate presence of not only said boy but three other invalids who surely shouldn't be exposed to secondhand smoke. No, go ahead and enjoy your cheeb, Grandpa Joe, while literally every other member of your family is on death's doorstep, except you, you lithe, slick dancing con man”

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