How Did Hash Browns Get Left Behind In McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast?

When McDonald’s starts offering all-day breakfast on Tuesday, about 10% of stores won’t be offering hash browns. Egg McMuffin and fries, anyone? McDonald’s / Via When McDonald's announced that its long-awaited all-day breakfast menu would launch on Tuesday, we knew we'd have to settle for a trimmed-down version of the regular breakfast menu after […]

McDonald’s Has A New Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich

After replacing its grilled chicken, the Golden Arches makes another move to improve its poultry offerings. McDonald’s / Via Facing falling sales and increased competition, McDonald's has been working to improve its high-end menu items. It introduced “artisan grilled chicken” and summer lobster rolls earlier this year, and made its quarter-pound beef burgers meatier. […]

Is The New McDonald’s Hamburglar McDreamy?

The chain’s new look for its iconic mascot raises many questions. But one question is more important than all the others. McDonald’s McDonald's Hamburglar has a totally new look. For starters, he's human. An adult human. With kids. And hair. And other human features. He is, inexplicably, wearing a tie without a collared shirt. He's […]