SEO: Using Data to Drive Performance

SEO: Using Data to Drive Performance Two weeks ago, in “SEO: Measuring Key Performance Indicators,” I discussed the importance of goal setting and key performance indicators in search engine optimization. Now it's time to use the data to act. KPIs measure SEO success relative to the goals … Read more on Practical Ecommerce Web Market Florida, […]

Days After Obama, New York Attorney General Proposes Data Breach Laws

In addition to strengthening notification laws, Attorney General Schneiderman is proposing incentive programs to ensure businesses comply with laws. Carlo Allegri / Reuters New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has proposed a set of rules that would overhaul statewide data security laws and strengthen consumer protection. As New York State rules stand, businesses are required […]

We Asked 29 Tech Companies If Their Employees Can Access Your Personal Data

Privacy policies rarely mention the weakest point in any company’s security infrastructure: its employees. BuzzFeed Traditionally, privacy worries for consumers and tech companies have been limited to keeping information secure from third parties or hackers. But a series of internal abuses show that tech company employees often have universal access to user information, as well […]

It Gets Worse: The Newest Sony Data Breach Exposes Thousands Of Passwords

Excel and Word documents plainly expose thousands of computer log-in, financial, and web services passwords, including the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace passwords for hundreds of major motion picture accounts. BuzzFeed Yesterday afternoon, the hackers behind the massive Sony corporate data hack released a new trove of documents, and it appears that things are only […]