25 Things You Didn’t Know You Could In Safari

Browse the web like a bo$ $ . Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed Create a theater-like experience while watching videos with Turn Off the Lights. With the Safari Keyword Search extension, you can look up different websites (like Google, Amazon, and Wikipedia) for information right from the address bar. For example, to Google Jared Leto, you'd […]

Obama’s Free Community College Plan Could Hurt For-Profit Colleges

Already-troubled stocks have fallen slightly on the news. Community college graduates in North Carolina. AP Photo/The Star-News, Mike Spencer President Obama's plan to make community colleges free for millions of students could do real damage to the already-struggling for-profit college industry, analysts said. The “America's College Promise” proposal, which will be announced today, could provide […]

Selfie Sticks Could Lead To Jail Time In South Korea

Retailers are being threatened with prison if they sell unregistered versions of the controversial device. While the great “pro- or anti-selfie stick” debate continues to rage on, South Korean lawmakers have upped the, erm, “anti” by threatening to jail selfie stick retailers. Ed Jones/AFP / Getty Images The country's Science Ministry announced that retailers selling […]