Scam and Suspicious Chinese Shopping Sites

After reading some posts from Global Scam Fighters group I decided to check for more suspicious shopping websites.


How to recognize scam shopping websites?


1. Most of these websites have empty meta description, site title etc.  (See page code in Firefox – CTRL + U)

2. Social media profiles are empty. For example, without a full page address.

3. The pages “about us” and “contact” often contain very similar content on these sites, or lack of contact information except email address, often gmail or outlook service.

Many website have About page with following contentAt  ——  we love every passion and interest on Earth because it is a reference to your UNIQUENESS.”

In this pattern I found site. This site IP address is

Next, following this pattern I check reverse IP check to see other sites hosted under this IP address.

I found these suspicious sites:

and more.


I suspect that most sites from are scam. About 300 domains.

A lot of sites redirect to


Another suspicious and scam sites are hosted on (over 1000 domains!)


and more.

These sites are hosted with Alibaba hosting. This is probably a Chinese group of scammers.

All sites listed appear to be scams. You buy at your own risk.

How do you not lose your nerves and money?  Buy in well-known online stores.

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