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Red Lobster Sales Shot Up 33% After Beyoncé’s “Formation”

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Last weekend, Beyoncé blessed fans with this lyric in her new single “Formation” — or, more specifically, she blessed casual seafood chain Red Lobster:


Now the Orlando-based restaurant chain says its sales this Sunday were up 33% compared to Sunday a year ago, following the mention from Queen Bey.

Red Lobster spokeswoman Erica Ettori told BuzzFeed News the company “had no advance warning” about the song and was “completely surprised.” She said they “continued to see positive momentum into Monday,” but also noted that the current Lobsterfest promotion may be partly responsible for the bump.

(Yeah, sure, Red Lobster. It was the Lobsterfest. Definitely Lobsterfest.)


There's no doubt “Formation” kindled excitement for Red Lobster on Twitter:

Even if they were let down by Red Lobster's less inspired response to the whole thing.

The sales bump from Beyoncé's amorous lyric may not be over for Red Lobster yet. Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

Here’s the full “Formation” music video.

People Are Going To Red Lobster Now Because Of Beyoncé

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