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New Delhi Woman Allegedly Raped By An Uber Driver

Multiple reports and police statements allege that an Uber driver raped a young Delhi woman Saturday evening. The driver is currently missing.

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According to multiple reports, a young woman in New Delhi was allegedly raped by an Uber driver while returning home Saturday night.

Reports citing a Delhi police complaint say that the woman entered the cab before 10:00pm and fell asleep in the back of the car. When she awoke, she had been driven to an unknown and secluded spot, where the driver assaulted and raped her with the doors locked. After, the alleged incident, police told NDTV that “the driver then dropped her off near her home in Inderlok in north Delhi after threatening to kill her if she spoke of the matter to anybody.”

Currently, the suspected driver is missing. According to reports, he deleted the Uber app from his phone after the incident so as not to be tracked and police claim the phone may not have been registered in the suspect's name.

Though accounts vary on the woman's age (one claims she is 25 and the other 27), police note that she managed to take a picture of the driver's license plate with her phone. Police are currently looking for the suspect.

A spokesperson for Uber told BuzzFeed News that the company became aware of the incident this morning and is fully cooperating with police to investigate the issue. According to the spokesperson:

It is also our policy to immediately suspend a driver's account following allegations of a serious incident, which we have done. In India, we work with licensed driver-partners to provide a safe transportation option, with layers of safeguards such as driver and vehicle information, and ETA-sharing to ensure there is accountability and traceability of all trips that occur on the Uber platform.

This incident comes just days after Uber announced it had raised $ 1.8 billion funding round to expand in the Asia Pacific region, of which New Delhi is a part. Uber's newest round values the company at $ 40 billion.

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