Domain Services Expiration Notice Scam

If you are the owner of an internet domain, you may find this information very interesting.

As you probably know, domain registration is carried out with a company that deals with it, eg GoDaddy or another. At the same time, if you forget to renew your domain for the next year, it can be fatal for your business. I want to warn you against scammers trying to get money from you for the alleged domain renewal.

I recently received such an email:

” Subject: Name: Winona Frantz Email:

Date: 2021-01-14 10:27:01 IP: ******************************


Domain Notice Expiry ON: Jan 14, 2021
We have actually not obtained a payment from you.

We’ve tried to email you however were unable to contact you.
Browse Through: https://bitly-link-here

For details and to process a discretionary settlement for your domain website services. ”

I checked what page is under the link:

Scammer site:

From what I can see, their tactic is to send a message to the website owner or add comments on the potential victim’s website.

See screenshot:


It’s a fresh registered domain destined for scams.


As you can see the prices for the alleged domain renewal / registration in search engines are too high.

Who pays for registration in search engines today? Never pay scammers for such services.

When it comes to search engines (Google, Bing etc) they will find your website for free.

If you want, you can submit the site yourself for free.


As for the alleged domain renewal. This site is not a domain registration company. As you can see was registered on November 29, 2020.

They are simply scammers.