My Lifelong Obsession With Pokémon Has Thrown Me Into Existential Despair

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are delightfully familiar. Not just because they’re great games, but because they STILL don’t address a million basic questions, like why nobody ever poops. Courtesy Nintendo Courtesy Nintendo What self-respecting parent lets their 12-year-old take off around the world just because their weirdo new neighbor needs some help with […]

Uber Sought To Hire Opposition Researcher To “Weaponize Facts”

A document obtained by BuzzFeed News points to taxi industry targets, not journalists. Bullet points, not bullets, a spokesperson says. Bloomberg Uber has in recent weeks sought to hire opposition researchers to “weaponize facts” to use against its taxi industry competition, according to a confidential recruiting document obtained by BuzzFeed News and confirmed by the […]

Here’s How Uber Is Trying To Talk People Out Of Deleting Their Accounts

Community managers for the transit company confront journalist investigation allegations head-on to try and retain users. Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters In the wake of a BuzzFeed News report that Uber SVP Emil Michael suggested hiring opposition researchers to find and publish personal information on journalists covering the company, some users have begun to delete their […]

Uber CEO Condemns “Terrible” Comments

“We should lead by inspiring our riders, our drivers, and the public at large,” Travis Kalanick said in a 13-tweet Twitterstorm this afternoon. Handout / Reuters This afternoon on Twitter, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick condemned comments made by Senior Vice President Emil Michael suggesting that the ride-sharing giant should consider hiring opposition researchers to dig […]