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Bill Gates’ Top 5 Books In 2014

The Microsoft co-founder and one of the world’s richest men lists his favorite reads of the year. Note: Not all of them came out in 2014.

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Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates spends a lot of time reading books, and an almost equal amount of time writing reviews of the books he's read. For acolytes, his reading habits provide a glimpse into both his personal life and how he conducts business.

“As I look at the list of the best books I read this year, I see how a number of them touch on economics and business,” Gates wrote in his annual review. “That's fitting, in a year when Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century put a big spotlight on inequality.”

Here's a quick look at his picks for 2014.

Business Adventures by John Brooks

Business Adventures by John Brooks

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The book: A collection of 12 financial stories ranging from Ford to Xerox.

Gates says: Shortly after we met, Warren Buffett loaned me this collection of New Yorker business articles from the 1950s and 1960s. I loved them as much as he did. Brooks' insights about business have aged beautifully, and they are as true today as ever.

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