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Web Design: How to build a website from scratch with Thrive Content Builder - Designed for beginner: Includes over 75 pictures (Word Press, Web Design Blueprints, WordPress Websites, Web Development)

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A Billion Dollars Was Transferred Over Venmo In January

Alex Wong / Getty Images

People transferred $ 1 billion over Venmo in January, the company said today, showing that usage of the mobile money app is still growing fast. The $ 1 billion in transfers is more than 2.5 times the volume seen in January 2015, and ten times as much as January 2014.

In all of 2015, about $ 7.5 billion was transferred using the app. That looks set to grow to at least $ 12 billion in 2016 if the January numbers are sustained throughout the year, but could go even higher: Venmo says one-third of its 2015 transfers happened in the final three months of last year, as the holiday season kicked in.

The payment startup has been lauded by its parent company PayPal, which recently split from eBay. PayPal chief executive Dan Schulman said a conference that the app “really is almost ubiquitous in the under 30 marketplace and it is how they manage and move their money.”

Schulman told CNBC in December that Venmo is “is one of the jewels of Paypal,” and in a call with analysts last month, said the app “is not just another buy button…It is the most beloved way to pay for millennials.” Building on that popularity, Venmo started allowing some apps, including Munchery, to use the service to make in-app purchases, a move that, if expanded, will put it in direct competition with payment services like Apple Pay.

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Razor USA Sues Swagway Over Hoverboards

The scooter giant wastes little time in flexing its legal muscles.

From Razor USA LLC v. Swagway, LLC, Case No. 2:15-CV-09209

Razor USA, which recently bought a patent for a “a two-wheel, self-balancing personal vehicle,” is suing leading hoverboard distributor Swagway for patent infringement, BuzzFeed News has learned.

According to the suit, filed in US District Court in California on November 27, and obtained by BuzzFeed News, Razor alleges that Swagway “infringes… by making, using, offering for sale, selling, and/or importing… without license or authority, Swagway, Swagway X1, Swagway smart balancing electric skateboard, and related and similar products…”

Razor, which makes the popular scooter of the same name, entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Shane Chen, the patent holder, last month. The nascent hoverboard industry has already been beset by litigation, including a suit by Chen and former partner Mark Cuban against IO Hawk, another leading hoverboard brand.

Razor USA, historically, has been no stranger to litigation. The company sued more than 20 sellers of copycat scooters in the early 2000s to protect its dominance as the toys exploded in popularity.

Hoverboards, including Swagway, are all manufactured in China, where the patent picture is even murkier. From there, they are typically branded by a Western distributor, and sold through a variety of poorly regulated outlets. This suit by Razor may be the first step in clearing the way to take over the still-nascent market that seems set to explode.

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The Squeezable Mayonnaise Crisis Is Almost Over

Hellmann’s says the amount of inaccessible mayo trapped in empty squeeze bottles was “very serious problem in America.” But those dark days are almost over.


One of the things stressing out the maker of Hellmann's mayonnaise was the faulty design of its squeeze bottle. That, and declining sales in the U.S.

If you eat mayo, you've likely confronted the minor frustration of not being able to get those last few dollops clinging to the bottle walls and out of reach at the bottom. The company calls this “a very serious problem in America right now,” which sounds hyperbolic, even if Hellmann's went through the trouble to calculate that 1,000 pounds of its mayo were trapped in squeeze bottles last year, which is enough to make 32,000 turkey club sandwiches.

So Hellmann's recently launched a redesigned squeeze bottle for its mayonnaise that promises to reduce mayo waste by 60% compared to its previous bottle.

BuzzFeed / Via buzzfeed.com

The redesigned squeeze bottle is part of efforts to reverse a recent slide in sales. Hellmann's mayo sales in the U.S. were down about 4.5 percent last year compared to 2012, according to data from research firm Euromonitor International.

The secret to the new bottle design is “a proprietary technology that uses a micro layer of just enough vegetable oil… to allow it to easily slide out of the bottle,” the company said.

The bottle was remolded by packaging company Sidel “to eliminate any deep curves or grooves that could interrupt the flow of the mayonnaise or create pockets where it could get stuck” and the cap was updated by Ermo “to a silicone valve dispensing system” that apparently makes it easier to control the mayo flow.

“The number one complaint about our old bottles was that mayonnaise would stick to the inside,” a spokesperson wrote in an email. “We're committed to continuing to provide quality products and positive experiences that keeps people coming back.”

For those who don't like the squeeze, all Hellmann's will continue to offer its mayo in jars.

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What Happens To Your Stock When A Hedge Fund Takes Over

Activist investing exploded this year, from Olive Garden to Sotheby’s and everything in between. Here’s a look at how companies targeted by activist hedge funds performed in the market after the fact.

Men's Wearhouse

Men's Wearhouse

Brendan Mcdermid / Reuters

What happened? Throughout the first few months of the year, activist hedge fund Eminence Capital pushed hard for Men's Wearhouse to acquire rival suit retailer JoS. A. Bank. The deal faced a lot of pushback from that latter, but eventually closed in March for around $ 1.8 billion, netting Eminence a hefty profit.

Men's Wearhouse in 2014.


How has the stock done? Not well, actually. The day the deal was announced, shares of Men's Wearhouse spiked at $ 57.14 each, but have steadily declined in the nearly nine months since, besides a brief period this summer when they stayed in the high $ 50 range. Today Men's Wearhouse is trading around $ 40 per share.

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Russia Bans Vimeo Over ISIS Propaganda Video

Russia’s federal communications agency ordered internet providers to block Vimeo on Monday after the video hosting service initially ignored a request to remove a feature-length ISIS film. Vimeo deleted the video and attributed the delay to the Thanksgiving break.

Via vimeo.com

KIEV, Ukraine — Russia banned the high-definition video hosting service Vimeo on Monday after it failed to delete an ISIS propaganda video that violates the country's laws against “extremism.”

Roskomnadzor, Russia's communications agency, wrote on Facebook that it had ordered internet providers in Russia to block Vimeo on Monday after the site ignored a request to delete Flames of War, a 55-minute film ISIS released in September. Russian prosecutors added the video — a slickly produced film that mixes in battle footage with clips of Barack Obama and George W. Bush while a man narrates in an American accent — to a list of domains banned under Russia's provisions against “extremism,” the agency added.

Under amendments to a law passed late last year, prosecutors have discretion to ban any online material they deem extremist without a court order. The law is ostensibly targeted against neo-Nazis and radical Islamist groups but has been used to ban everything from Scientologists to South Park. Websites that do not remove offending materials on request are automatically banned in their entirety.

Officials have banned 512 websites since the amendments came into effect in February — many of them belonging to opposition groups that organized protest against Russia's military action in Ukraine, to antizapret.info, a website which keeps an unofficial tally of the blacklisted sites. Courts have banned a further 2,521 “extremist materials” since the law was passed in 2002, according to the justice ministry's website.

A spokesperson for Vimeo told BuzzFeed News that the company had missed Roskomnadzor's request due to the Thanksgiving holiday and removed the video on Monday. “It is Vimeo's long-standing policy not to allow videos that promote terrorism and we will remove such videos upon notice,” the spokesperson said. “As of today, we have removed the video at issue and requested that the Russian government restore access to Vimeo.” Roskomnadzor wrote in comments on Russian Facebook clone VK that it would remove Vimeo from its list of banned domains.

Vimeo's relatively long load times and high bandwidth have made it more of a destination for documentary filmmakers and music video directors than ISIS propagandists, whose work is usually low-definition and crudely slapped together. The film could no longer be accessed by Monday evening Russia time, though other ISIS-related materials were still available, including a trailer for Flames of War.

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