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Online Wholesale Distributor Home Based Business Opportunity

Tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck, knowing all your hard work is building someone ELSE’S bank account and not your own, here is a way you can change all that and finally begin working toward the kind of life and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of having.

My personal experience has shown me that having a business of your own is by far the best way to get out of debt and gain control over your TIME and your FUTURE.

MonaVie offers you most innovative and dynamic compensation plan in the industry. With 50 percent of the sales volume paid out in distributor commissions, MonaVie is a powerfully rewarding opportunity!

There are 8 fantastic ways to earn income. There are direct sales, bulk order bonus, first order bonus, star make bonus, team commissions, executive check match. leadership pools, and multiple business centers.

MonaVie leverages the most effective comprehensive way of distribution-relationship marketing. With this person-to-person approach, you can share the benefits of the MonaVie independent business opportunity with others and be rewarded for doing so, based on your sales and the product sales of those in the organization you helped create.

I certainly wasn’t in a position to invest tons of money into a franchise or a conventional business, and chances are, neither are you. Fortunately, starting your own home business with us in MonaVie doesn’t require a lot of start-up capital.

You don’t need a extensive background in business or nutrition. We have lots of tools and training to coach you every step of the way. If you have enthusiasm and a genuine desire to change your life, we’ll make a great team!

I can’t wait to talk to you about your goals and dreams, and you can be sure I’ll be committed to working with you to make it happen.

MonaVie is great because it helps people and make others have freedom. Freedom from bosses. Freedom from traffic. Freedom from dead-end jobs. What have you got to lose. Click the link below to enroll now. Remember the skys the limit with MonaVie!

Ready to start your own Monavie Wholesale Distributor Wholesale Business Enroll Now and get started today. It’s only a one time .00 fee to become a official Monavie distributor. Than you can buy Monavie wholesale. Sign up for auto ship to get it shipped now.

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Searching full time home business ideas?

Before you can have a successful home based business, you must first possess 3 “intangibles.” These are things that must come from WITHIN you.

Intangible 1

First,you must have a strong WHY.

Why MUST you have a successful home business? What is driving you? What is it that you CAN’T have in your life anymore and/or what is it that you absolutely MUST HAVE now?
For me, I couldn’t stand working 12+ hours a day anymore and missing the experience of my children growing up. I also absolutely HAD TO HAVE the freedom of being able to control my life and finances through a little box (laptop computer) that I could carry with me anywhere in the world and not be tied to anyone’s time pressures or demands but my own. That was my carrot and my stick. I felt a great pain deep in my gut of missing out on my children’s lives and the incredible freedom that succeeding in a home based business would provide for me. I found my why. You MUST find yours.

Intangible 2

You must BELIEVE that it is possible.

If you don’t believe that it’s POSSIBLE for you to have a successful home based business or make your living from home, you won’t. It’s that simple.
For me, figuring out that it was possible was just a matter of realizing that many other people were ALREADY making great money working from home. If they could do it, I could too. It would just be a matter of figuring out what those people were doing and then adapting it to my situation.

There is no shortage of undeniable PROOF that people (millions of them) are making money working from home. Just get online and do some research and you’ll find countless testimonials and stories of REAL PEOPLE making real money on the Internet. Or head to your local bookstore and you’ll find the same documented evidence of this fact. Truth is, it’s getting easier and easier to make money with your own home based business.

I’ve always said that “affiliate marketing” (a simple way to make money from home) is the job of the future. In the old days, you had to go to a potential employer, apply for the position and hope for the best. Now you can simply go to any company you want, fill out their affiliate application and start work immediately. Affiliates are the new working class. In fact, making money with affiliate programs or making your living on the Internet is WAY MORE than possible. It is pretty much (or will be soon enough) unavoidable now. Affiliate marketing is the “job” of the future that’s already here TODAY.

Intangible 3

You must be willing to MAKE THE LEAP.

Ready, FIRE, then aim… This is the operating philosophy you MUST adopt to succeed with a home based business.
That’s backwards for most people who like to aim before they fire. The fact is that home based business success is a moving target… The only thing constant about it is change. You need to stop analyzing the game and simply jump into it. You can’t learn from the outside… You have to be *IN THE RING* to truly understand and profit from it. In fact, this is a business where you can truly be earning WHILE you’re still learning…

The lesson here is that you will never really be READY to start a home based business. You simply have to start one. It’s like having children… You’re never really ready, but when it happens you adapt and grow and therefore you succeed. This is what I call: “Making the Leap”!

The good news is that the cost of failure with having your own home based business is very small. In the “brick and mortar” world you need to evaluate things very carefully before you decide to open up a business. It’s almost always necessary to invest thousands of dollars to get an offline business off the ground. However, on the Internet you can often start a successful business for less than $ 100. The Plug-In Profit Site is a great example of this where you can get your own money-making site setup free within 24 hours:

You simply need get IN THE GAME… Each moment that you stay “out there,” you’re wasting valuable time that you could be learning and skills necessary to build a successful home based business. In fact, if you’re not in the game yet, you’re ALREADY behind the times… Make the leap to starting and building a successful home business TODAY!

About Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy:
“I Was A Washed Up Restaurant Worker Desperately Searching For
A Way To Save My Family When I Discovered The Internet And
Affiliate Marketing… 24 Months Later I Finally Cracked The
Code And Started Earning Over $ 10,000.00 Per Month… Now The
Same System That Saved Me Is Available To You!” Make Money Now!

Craig recently launched www.FullTimeHomeBiz.com a website that reviews the top Home Business Tips, Ideas and Opportunities, endorsing only those businesses that have been proven to work.

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Some Useful Tips to Start Home Based Business

Life can be simple and sweet for you, your family as well as for your future. A Home Based Business is a new business model which can transform your home into your office. This means that you can simply opt for a business and its program that you like and share with the individuals whom you already know.

A home based revenue business gives you an opportunity to work as your own boss. It even offers you a chance to cash your hobby. You can enjoy the hard work while sitting at home. Working from home avoids the stress and tensions of the employment. It even helps you to save the expenses on transportation. You even enjoy the flexibility of timings and working schedule. Here you have a chance to do your work whenever you get time. You act like your own boss and complete as much work as you like. You can set your personal deadlines according to yourself. As you stay at home so you can easily look after your family and maintain a perfect balance between your personal as well as professional life.

If you are thinking to start home based business then you must consider a business plan in mind. It should be something that you are well aware of. Your business plan should outline the ways of making money through business. A detailed business plan is the best way to start your business as it will assist you at each step. So planning is the foremost step to start a home based business. The next important criterion to consider is the financial structure of the business. You should know how much you need to spend to establish your business. Consider the work force required in business and how will you pay to your employees.

Consider the plans beforehand that how will you grow your business. You really need to think and plan accordingly the steps that are required to expand your business in near future. Whenever you start home based business it is essential that you thoroughly research all the legal issues that are involved. The law varies according to the state but every state requires getting a business license and a seller’s permit. Make sure that you fulfill all the licensing requirements to avoid undue hassles.

Take time to network and advertise your business. If you are working at home that does not mean you don’t require business contacts. You must schedule meetings outside your work area to get away and meet others in your field. This will help you greatly to expand your business. You must showcase your knowledge about your product to others. You can write online articles and add your contact information in them. You can even search for various seminars where you can participate and make people aware. By doing this you are building a good reputation of your home business.

Home business is the perfect idea. Here start up costs can be minimal while the after potential is certainly great. Your time and initial efforts are the greatest investment that you will enjoy afterwards. Following these tips will increase your productivity and will help you in achieving great profits.

Learn how to start home based business through our Start a Business Guide.Our guides are beginner friendly and the best part is there is no experience required to get started!

An Old Folks Home In San Francisco Has Some New Residents: Young Techies

Amid an unprecedented real estate boom, one longtime home for San Francisco’s low-income retirees is welcoming fresh-faced tenants paying market rates.

Zane Riley, who moved to San Francisco's Mission neighborhood this spring.

William Alden / Via BuzzFeed News

Some luxury apartment buildings in San Francisco lure young tech workers with perks like housekeeping, dry cleaning, and concierge services. But at one newly renovated building in the city's Mission neighborhood, techie tenants are instead encountering amenities like a free blood pressure screening and an educational workshop on arthritis.

That's because the building, in addition to housing some fresh young faces, is also a government-subsidized senior community, where most of the residents are elderly retirees.

For several years now, with the San Francisco real estate market reaching stomach-turning heights, developers have been finding new ways to cash in on surging demand. Gleaming high-rises in the South of Market and mid-Market areas, featuring pricey apartments within longboarding distance of many tech companies, have helped push the median monthly rent for a studio apartment in the city to $ 2,722 as of June, according to Pricenomics.

But the transformation taking place at the Mission building, a longtime home for the elderly, highlights how the city's real estate gold rush can occasionally veer into the absurd. The building, known as the Vincentian Villa, had been owned by the St. Vincent de Paul Society charity for 40 years, until it was sold to a Los Angeles–based developer for $ 13.5 million last year. The purchaser, GHC Housing Partners, agreed to extend a federal contract to keep about 60% of the building's units priced far below market rates. But it is now gradually renting out the rest as they become vacant — apartments so small they are called “micro studios” — to tech workers paying around $ 2,000 a month for roughly 300 square feet of space.

One new tenant, Zane Riley, a 24-year-old product designer from southern Missouri, came across the Vincentian Villa toward the end of a two-month apartment search this spring, while he and his girlfriend, Megan Keesee, were staying with an Airbnb host in Berkeley. “We didn't know anything about the San Francisco housing market,” said Riley, an artsy type with a slight country twang, who grew up fishing and swimming in a quarry near his hometown of Blodgett (population: 211). “We got our apartment in Missouri with a handshake, basically.”

The young couple, who shared their first kiss on the banks of the Mississippi River, were surviving only on Keesee's starting salary as a public relations associate. The craft beers and cage-free eggs at the nearby Berkeley Bowl were out of reach; for dinner, they would sometimes split a single appetizer at a local Korean place. “We usually walked to McDonald's,” Riley said. “That was about the extent of going out.”

The Craigslist ads for studio apartments in the Vincentian Villa didn't mention that the majority of the building's units were covered by the federal government's Section 8 housing assistance program for low-income tenants. At first glance, the building, which was recently renovated at a cost of $ 3 million to include granite countertops and new plank flooring in the units, and a modern-looking courtyard in back, resembles the countless other habitats marketed to aspiring yuppies. Riley said he didn't remember the building's Section 8 status being mentioned on the tour. Only when he later googled the address on a hunch — after signing the lease and paying the security deposit and first month's rent — did he learn the building's history.

The agent who did the deal, Kent Boeker of J.Wavro Associates, said Riley should have known better. “Everyone was told that this was an assisted living, subsidized housing building, where a small number of units were currently available for market-rate tenants,” Boeker told BuzzFeed News. “But it's easy to miss if you're not paying attention. I would only say it once.”

Boeker's boss, James Wavro, put it more bluntly.

“Anyone who walks in that building will see a critical mass of old people, rolling around the building, hanging out in the common areas,” Wavro said. “The way that we train our agents, I tell them, 'Kill the deal, kill the deal, kill the deal.' What I mean by that is, let people know what they're getting themselves into.”

“Our joke was, we're going to have multigenerational bridge games going on in the club lounge, which we thought would be kind of fun,” Wavro added. “Because you can learn a lot from old people.”

A longtime home for the elderly, known as the Vincentian Villa, was sold to a Los Angeles–based developer for $ 13.5 million last year.

William Alden / Via BuzzFeed News

The San Francisco real estate boom, accompanying the city's rise as a major new tech hub in recent years, has reshaped neighborhoods and inflamed local tensions. A growing number of new residents — many of them young, highly skilled workers — are competing for a limited number of apartments in a few hot neighborhoods, like Soma and the Mission. Even as new apartment buildings have gone up, competition for living space has intensified.

By the end of this year, the city is projected to have a 3.2% apartment vacancy rate, compared with a projected rate of 4.8% for all major U.S. cities, according to the real estate brokerage firm Marcus & Millichap. In a report this spring, Forbes, using Marcus & Millichap data, declared San Francisco to be the No. 1 worst city in the nation for renters.

While developers have seized the moment by erecting structures like Nema, a luxurious apartment complex where some studio apartments rent for more than $ 4,000 a month, the situation at the Vincentian Villa is more complicated.

The building's new owner, GHC, is one of the largest owners of affordable housing in the United States, and it took certain steps last year to keep the elderly residents in their homes. Crucially, it extended for 20 years the federal contract that had ensured Section 8 affordability for 72 of the building's 124 apartments. Many of the other apartments, though lacking the federal subsidy, are still being subsidized by an ad hoc fund created by GHC and the St. Vincent de Paul Society. (Companies like GHC that own Section 8 housing receive payments from the government to make up for the lower rent.)

The arrangement hasn't attracted much attention from local housing advocates, who say they are instead concerned about buildings like Frederick Douglas Haynes Gardens, a development in the Fillmore district that is apparently at risk of losing its Section 8 designation altogether. “I wouldn't have done a deal that would have required us to displace people to make a profit, or to make a property financially viable,” Gregory Perlman, the chief executive of GHC, told BuzzFeed News.

Indeed, GHC is pursuing a more nuanced strategy, with plans to reap its biggest profits from the 52 apartments that aren't covered by Section 8. When residents in those apartments leave — or die — GHC will rent out their homes to new tenants at market rates.

At least 14 such units have been rented out so far. Riley and Keesee, who pay $ 1,700 a month for a roughly 285-square-foot studio that they share with Champ, their 65-pound German shepherd–border collie mix, were among the first young people to move in. The other new tenants include “young twentysomethings moving to the city for a new job, or even their first job,” according to Boeker, the real estate agent.

To speed this process, and also to ease the challenge of renovating the building with elderly people living in it, GHC offered $ 25,000 last year to any resident who chose to leave. Five people took the money. Perlman said the offer was not intended to drive people out of the 52 apartments that would go on the market. Three of the tenants who took the money, he said, had been living in the Section 8 apartments, which will stay subsidized for 20 years.

But even in those cases, the landlord can benefit from a tenant taking a buyout. When a Section 8 apartment becomes vacant, elderly residents in the other apartments have first dibs on moving there, according to Perlman — creating vacancies among the apartments that can be rented at market rates.

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