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Technology PR Can Give Your Company the Edge It Needs

No matter the size or reputation of your firm, employing a tactical technology PR strategy will keep you ahead of the game. Effective technology PR placements can give you an edge, opening more doors, raising awareness and promoting your successes while enhancing your company’s reputation.

When it comes to choosing a new technology vendor, businesses focus on dependability, customization, performance and value. In this highly competitive field, technology businesses typically promote themselves via digital marketing and lead-based advertising. Technology PR offers an opportunity to separate your brand from the crowd, garnering credible, objective reputation building coverage from the media.

Technology PR should target your specific audience. If you are focused on targeting a particular sector, your technology PR partner should target the journalists and bloggers at the respected media outlets who reach them. Your technology PR team should craft compelling case studies for every client you’ve serviced. The stories and data used in these case studies can often form the basis of an technology PR article highlighting the capabilities and benefits of your services.

Firm productivity often comes down to reputation and the talent of your assets. Technology PR strategies should include promoting the brightest minds in your firm. Bring your talented staff to the forefront, branding them as experts and brand ambassadors. In this regard, partner with a technology PR firm whose technology PR strategies include making it a priority to generate exposure for the company. It creates additional avenues to highlight the brand, and associates expertise with firm representatives in the process. These technology PR tactics can include placing op-ed articles, interviews and guest contributions by firm experts with helpful tips, chat Q & A, and commentary on current industry issues.

Technology PR professionals should generate consistent press releases. These technology PR pitches can highlight new clients, executive hires, timely tips and marketable surveys. Technology PR should also extend to seeking cross-promotions and event sponsorships. Whether a charity golf tournament or corporate fundraiser, these events will garner media coverage, positive brand association and provide networking opportunities.

Of course, social media is also a technology PR must. Become a valuable resource in the social media community through quality comments, answering questions and providing feedback via Facebook and Twitter.

The importance of branding by generating a consistent buzz via consistent technology PR efforts can enhance your company’s reputation.

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Inside The Latest Atlantic City Casino Teetering On The Edge

If the Trump Taj Mahal closes its doors next week, it will be the fifth casualty on the troubled Atlantic City boardwalk this year. With a judge set to decide Thursday whether hedge fund manager Carl Icahn can save the complex from bankruptcy, here’s a look at the stakes — and what it’s like on the casino floor.

Mark Makela / Reuters

When the staff of Atlantic City's Trump Taj Mahal look back on the sprawling casino's final days, they'll remember a soggy lunch break. The Taj's employee cafeteria now has a steadily leaking ceiling that splatters them with raindrops as they eat slices of Sbarro pizza between dealing hands of blackjack.

A recent windstorm claimed a piece of the casino's upper-level roof, and its owner, Trump Entertainment (that's Trump as in Donald Trump, although he stopped being a majority owner a decade ago), hasn't put up the money to fix it.

And why would they, if the Taj really will close its doors for good on Dec. 12 at 5:59 a.m., as the sign near the entry of the self-parking garage proclaims? The dealers can live without a dry lunch break for the handful of days before their casino descends into bankruptcy. Let them eat in the rain.

That is, of course, if these really are the last days of the Trump Taj Mahal, which they very well could be. But nothing has been decided officially. Even though the hotel tower closed earlier this week and state regulators released a tentative plan to shut the entire property down for good, much still hinges on a bankruptcy court hearing on Thursday. Not to mention a hedge fund billionaire who may still be allowed to step in and save this institution at 1000 Boardwalk, a prime location on this once glittering gambling town's beachfront strip.

Mariah Summers / BuzzFeed

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