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Highlights of 2014 Web Design

The year 2014 has officially arrived, and a lot of people are wondering about the web design trends that should be expected this year. Well, the predictions for North Carolina web design and Greensboro web design aren’t so different with the trends that dominated the past year. It’s safe to say that if your business website was designed using 2013’s trends, there’s no need for a major revamp this year. A slight tweak here and there would probably suffice to keep your website looking fresh and updated.

For 2014, “less is more” still reigns. Minimalism continues to be the center of web design. So, if you’re building a website from scratch this year, think simple when it comes to the interface. Every page should have a few design elements as possible. The simpler it is, the better.

Amp up creativity with the typography. The words on your page don’t have to look flat and boring. Thanks to this 2014 web design trend, you can utilize stylized fonts to make your website look pleasing to the readers’ eyes. In the hands of a clever design, typography can successfully deliver information and art in one.

When iOS7 hit the world, it immediately became a hit, and its popularity isn’t waning down. This year, flat designs are still in. The elimination of gradients and drop shadows paved the way for simpler and sleeker look and feel of web design. Moreover, color choice should be kept to a minimum. For 2014, clean and simple is key in choosing color palettes for websites.

For years, the sidebar has been a crucial tool in navigating websites. But for 2014, the sidebar is expected to make its appearance less and less. With this straightforward, no-clutter approach to web design, it’s easy to keep all information literally within the four corners of the screen. So scrolling up and down becomes unnecessary.

Photos and videos will become more popular as channels of information. It seems that people have become busier nowadays, making it more challenging to catch and hold their attention. So, to deliver a good amount of info using the shortest amount of time possible, the use of videos and photos will reign in 2014. Text will still be important, but it should definitely be kept short. Long paragraphs and wordiness should definitely be eliminated. So, whenever text is used, make sure there should be no beating around the bush.

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After Rampant Growth In 2014, Chipotle Is Slowing Down

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Chipotle has a more cautious outlook now after it gleefully tore through 2014.

The Denver-based chain, started 22 years ago, grew sales at restaurants open at least 13 months by 16.8% in 2014, an impressive feat for any restaurant company. But it now appears that this period of supernatural growth has passed.

Chipotle said Tuesday it expects same restaurant sales to increase by “low-to-mid single digit” percentages this year, and expects just a “low-single digit” percent increase in 2016. Company executives told investors on Tuesday that October sales so far have been “choppy” and that it needs to continue to increase awareness of the brand and its branding message about food quality.

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One of the chain's challenges now is the very thing that helped it soar — its strict food standards that include, among other things, raising animals without antibiotics.

Specifically in 2015, Chipotle's sales were hurt by a carnitas shortage. The chain pulled pork off menus in a large share of restaurants in January when a supplier failed to comply with its animal welfare policies. The search for a replacement took months: in late September, the company announced carnitas had returned to about 90% of restaurants thanks to a new U.K. based pork supplier. The absence of the meat, however, had already dented growth.

As Chipotle worked through supplier issues this year, competing fast food chains also made announcements that they would gradually adopt some of Chipotle's popular food policies, which have won favor with consumers. McDonalds, for instance, will stop using chicken raised with antibiotics that are important to human medicine in the U.S. by March of 2017. Subway announced Tuesday that it will eliminate antibiotics use in all meats in the U.S., starting with chicken in 2016, followed by turkey, and then pork and beef by 2025.

Still, the changing landscape doesn't mean Chipotle is past its growth stage. The chain will open a total of 215 to 225 new restaurants in 2015, and about the same number again in 2016.

As for the two smaller chains Chipotle owns, the company says it not yet ready to ramp up expansion. Both ShopHouse and Pizzeria Locale are still in what the company called an “early brand building” stage, though they both do provide another avenue for Chipotle to grow.

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Bill Gates’ Top 5 Books In 2014

The Microsoft co-founder and one of the world’s richest men lists his favorite reads of the year. Note: Not all of them came out in 2014.

Bill Gates Foundation

Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates spends a lot of time reading books, and an almost equal amount of time writing reviews of the books he's read. For acolytes, his reading habits provide a glimpse into both his personal life and how he conducts business.

“As I look at the list of the best books I read this year, I see how a number of them touch on economics and business,” Gates wrote in his annual review. “That's fitting, in a year when Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century put a big spotlight on inequality.”

Here's a quick look at his picks for 2014.

Business Adventures by John Brooks

Business Adventures by John Brooks

Amazon / Via amazon.com

The book: A collection of 12 financial stories ranging from Ford to Xerox.

Gates says: Shortly after we met, Warren Buffett loaned me this collection of New Yorker business articles from the 1950s and 1960s. I loved them as much as he did. Brooks' insights about business have aged beautifully, and they are as true today as ever.

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The Quick Guide To Web Hosting In 2014

The Quick Guide To Web Hosting In 2014
Choosing web hosting can be confusing. There's so many companies out there offering so many different options, picking can be a daunting endeavor. Not only do you have to consider the amount of actual bandwidth you'll need, but you also have to think …
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