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Simple Tips To Set The Stage For Local SEO In 2015

Simple Tips To Set The Stage For Local SEO In 2015
Many Local SEOs claimed they weren't hit by Pigeon – but it's more likely that, because they took a more wholesome approach to local SEO, their sites simply had more authority to begin with. The most important point we try to hammer home to potential …
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How Voice Search Could Affect The Future Of SEO
Voice-based search queries have not traditionally been a significant consideration for search engine optimization (SEO); people usually would rather type their queries into a webpage directly, avoiding the errors and that can come with automated voice …
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Malicious Rumors Spread About Lovelyz Member Seo Jisoo As Group Is On
Rumors that began on Twitter about Woollim pre-debut trainee Seo Jisoo ranged from rumors about her sexuality to her joining Woollim Entertainment to seduce members of popular idol group INFINITE, which is one of Woollim Entertainment's acts.
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How To Win At SEO & Content Marketing In 2015
Now is a good time to dust off your (possibly outdated) SEO strategy and get it ready for the new year. Make sure it's pointed at the right goal, and make sure that goal is understood and adopted across the entire organization: Google says the user is …
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Why SEO Visionary Jayson DeMers Is Everywhere
Instead of littering web pages with SEO friendly keywords, companies have to come up with great content that the search engines will pick up. It's essential in order to sustain a brand in the online space. “Quality marketing strategies, notably content …
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BrandPost: Six factors for finding a new web hosting provider

BrandPost: Six factors for finding a new web hosting provider
This is completely natural, but if your web host is difficult to get ahold of, it can make for frustrating hours or days as you try to get simple questions answered and basic startup issues resolved. A great web host support plan should make it easy to …
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Is It A Good Idea To Host Your Business Website With A Free Web Hosting
If you run a business that is predominantly offline, and you have a website simply to test an additional channel, you may be tempted to take the less risky route of using a free web hosting service provider. This way, you are not losing money and can …
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SiteGround Web Hosting
Arvixe, PCMag's Editors' Choice for Web hosting providers, is also newbie-friendly, but SiteGround is even more friendly. If you have modest Web needs that are likely to stay modest, you may be better off sticking with SiteGround. Arvixe is the better …
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How to recognize fake Google pagerank

How to recognize fake Google pagerank?


Things to check:

1. Website link profile

2. history

3. Google links

1. It is important. Checking link profile is the first thing. Let’s say we have a website that google toolbar that shows PR 5. Now it is rather hard to achieve such a pagerank. You may recognize that PR5 is high pagerank.

PR 5 domain should have a huge profile of valuable web links. You may find domain with good pagerank which is registered days or weeks ago.

Also fake pagerank website often has poor link profile or even zero links.


2. is a great tool to check domain name history.

Fake pagerank domain often have poor domain history or even are not available in history.


3. Checking incoming links on google to any domain is the faster way to recognize fake pagerank.

Check any domain on google >   (replace

Fake pagerank websites often don’t have any links on google. Simply shows high pagerank, but no any links.


You may ask how it is forged?

This is done by 301 redirect.

more information in next posts.


Thank you for reading! 🙂